Trip to Quince Farm

Trip to visit Quince Farm

Today we went to visit Quince farm as our topic this term is all about flowers and insects. We had to drive one hour on a minibus and when we arrived we went straight into an activity.

We began by making candles. To make a candle you have to warm the bee’s wax on a hot plate until it begins to change colour. Then you can fold one edge over and stick the wick in this part. Finally you roll the wax over the wick.

Then we moved on to making little pots of seeds for the bees. We had to put soil and seeds into a pot so when it grows it will attract the bees to our garden. We had to be careful with the seeds and make sure the soil was squashed to the bottom.


Finally we had a go at tasting some honey straight from the hive as well as extracting honey using a special machine. This was really good fun and everyone came away with their own pot of honey they had extracted.


Then we went to meet a beekeeper who told us that bees have five eyes and how you look after bees. We all had a go at holding a part of the hive covered in bees. There were about 300 bees on the part of the hive we all got to hold.


Finally we went on a tour of the honey factory and saw how the honey was made on a big scale. After lunch we got to play in the play area and see some more creepy crawlies before heading home.



Stephenson you were all fantastic and it was mentioned by other people how polite and amazing you all are. Thank you for a wonderful day!


Miss West 🙂


Art afternoon 26.01.17

Today we finished our dragon puppets and started drawing the face and wings on our rooster pictures.

We have worked very hard on our dragon puppets here is the finished result…..


Beautiful chinese dragons Stephenson class!

Well done, Miss West 🙂

Storybook club – week 1 26.01.17

Today was the start of storybook club – this is a lunchtime club for Years 1 and 2.

We began this week by reading the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We stopped and talked about different parts of the story before picking a character to then make a puppet of.

Some of us made the wicked witch, the wood cutter or even the main characters. Some of us chose to make puppets of the setting so we have something to use as a background.

We will finish these next week and use them to act out the story in our own way.

Lovely way to spend a lunchtime.

Miss West 🙂

Chinese New Year crafts 25.01.17

We have been very busy in Stephenson class this week.

As we have been looking at Chinese New Year for Arts’ week we have been very creative and made lots of lovely pieces of artwork.

Some of us finished off our dragon puppets. We made these by colouring in the dragon’s head and tail and cutting it out. Then we had to fold a piece of card to make its tummy before sticking all together with lolly pop sticks.

Work in progress…


Here are a couple of finished dragons.


Look how beautiful and colourful they are!

We also had a go at making dragon masks and cutting those out too.


We also started painting our chinese drums. We will then need to stick them together and add beads to makea noise when they hit the side of the plate.

We painted them in traditional new year colours such as red and gold.

Fantastic, creative work this week!

Miss West 🙂

Arts week – Chinese New Year 23

This week it is Arts week and we are going to be looking at Chines New Year as this will take place on Saturday.

We began by learning all about the Zodiac year and how the animals were picked to become part of the Zodiac wheel.

Then we found out it was the year of the Rooster. To celebrate this we are going to make hand print roosters to display at school.

Here you can see how we have started our rooster pictures. We had to cover out hands in paint and then put on to the paper carefully.



We also started colouring in our dragon puppets. Once these are coloured in we will need to cut them out and attach them to sticks to make a puppet.


Check back in for more updates on our Arts week adventures.


Miss West 🙂